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About The Harlington Tandoori

The Harlington Tandoori menu is a diverse representation of the different regional and international flavours from India. With distinctive dishes and great service, all kinds of customers will find our restaurant to be the best option. Our menu is stylistically rich with tender, mellow, sweet and sour dishes all making a strong presence. The diversity also extends to the overall variety which includes veggies, seafood, meat, bread and many other kinds of dishes. As a whole, the menu at our premises is the most complete of any Indian restaurant. The quality of every item is also top-notch. We are driven by the vision to have the best standards. We explore all kinds of approaches to ensure that the items presented at your table are top-class. We also provide our customers with a lovely atmosphere which is ideal for fine dining. The lively and warm ambience that characterizes our restaurant never fades as we have a team that is committed to guaranteeing your satisfaction. The Harlington Tandoori takes a special interest in the needs of every single customer. You can expect the services to be tailored according to your expectations at all times.

The Harlington Tandoori Restaurant

Enjoy the best Indian takeaway in the area today at our restaurant. Come and explore the vast menu for a feast like no other. We are located at 316-318 High Street, Harlington, Middlesex, UB3 5DU. For a serene atmosphere, great food and warm service; look no farther than our premises. Our services are extended to customers via different platforms. Our mobile apps give you an instant look at the menu and other services regardless of your location. We have availed these apps via the Google Play and App Store. Download them and order today for the best hospitality services in the city.


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